Women Over 50 in Film Festival (WOFFF), now in its sixth year, champions the work of older women in film. Every short film they show has a woman over 50 at its heart on screen or a woman over 50 as the writer, producer or director. 

Women Over 50 in Film aims to showcase the outstanding work of older women in film, by creating a film community centred around older women to help combat isolation and loneliness. They believe watching films together and having conversations between generations that can help make older and younger people feel less isolated and feel more connected. 

In 2019 at Leytonstone Loves Film WOFFF screened 12 international short films featuring work made by or about women over 50. This event was dementia-friendly which meant the lights were up, people were positively encouraged to chat, and each guest was offered a hot or cold drink and a biscuit or two when they arrived. People could come and go as they pleased, popping in for one or two films or staying for them all. 

WOFFF also hosted three community outreach screenings for groups who weren’t able to access Leytonstone Loves Film. WOFFF short films were screened in a Contact the Elderly group – where socially isolated older people meet at different people’s houses for tea parties in Leytonstone – in a care home and in a resource disability centre    

Visit the Women Over 50 in Film Festival website