This is a past event
ShortCut To Turkey
Wed 15 Sep @ 7.00pm
2 hours
Film Screening
Filly Brook

A special selection of fresh and visually stunning Turkish short films, featuring an impactful branch of stories from Turkey.

Short films include:

Titanyum / Dir: Gokce Erdem / Duration: 15:00
Ad Infinitum / Dir: Murat Cetinkaya / Duration: 13:20
I Don't Believe You But Then There Is Gravity / Dir: Umut Subasi / Duration: 13:07
Avarya / Dir: Gokalp Gonen / Dur: 20:00 (Animation)
Weeping Willow / Dir: Ethem Onur Bilgiç / Dur: 04:36 (Animation)
Parting Shot / Dir: Ozgur Cem Aksoy / Duration: 10:34
The Yarn / Director: Gokce Pehlivanoglu / Duration: 10:40

This event is produced by Lunaroom Film

*Please note as this is a free ticketed event, we expect that some ticket holders may not attend. Due to this we will be welcoming walk ins at the beginning of each event. We encourage you to arrive at the start of the event even if an event states it is sold out.

Venue: Filly Brook