This is a past event
Leytonstone Loves Film Podcast Series
Wed 15 Sep @ 10.00am
Various times
Suitable for families

Here you can to podcast interviews with all of the Leytonstone Loves Film programme partners hosted by Stuart Wright. Listen to who they are, what they do and what they're doing as part of this year's festival.

Full list of episodes & guests:

Episode 1: Ethan Ross (Big Tent Films); Simon Purnell (Filly Brook); Irina (Sign For All Community) and Caroline Wilson (UNDR LNDN)

Episode 2: Faith Austin (production manager of Leytonstone Loves Film), Helen Crockford (E17 Toy Library) and Sam Francis (X7eaven)

Episode 3: Katie & Rebecca Dale-Everett (Kabecca Films), Helen Taylor (Stories & Supper) and Priscilla Igwe (The New Black Film Collective)

Episode 4: Anthony Hett and Sarah Flanagan (Forest Film Club), Anna Peres and Ben (The Social Cinema) and Anthony Andrews (We Are Parable)

Episode 5: Ashton John (Home Film Project), Artist Dominic Stinton and Nick Bertram (Stow Film Lounge)

Episode 6Nazeer Vawda (Apne Film Club), Marcus Shepherd (Stow Film Lounge) and JJ Khun, Rachel Rowson and Lee Suh (WIILMA)

Episode 7: Jake Green (Short Circuit), John Rogers (Leytonstone Pop Up Cinema) and Nuala O'Sullivan (Women Over 50 In Film Festival)

Episode 8Liza Fletcher (E17 Films), Artist Esther Nelsen, Isik Sayarer and Eva Knutsdotter (Fourthland), Richard Clarke (Radiant Circus)

Episode 9Emmanuel Li (Big Tent Films), artist Dawinder Bansal, Vera Anderson & Natalia Garay Ceron (Last Frame Club) and Stuart Wright

Episode 10 Part 1: Post festival highlights with Dawinder Bansal, Dominic Stinton, Gary Lewis, Radiant Circus, Stories & Supper, Stow Film Lounge, WIILMA, X7eaven

Episode 10 Part 2: Post festival highlights with Apne Film Club, Fourthland, Kabecca Films, Not Another Film Club, Short Circuit, Sign for All Community

This podcast series is produced by Stuart Wright