This is a past event
Call to Holy Ground: Sound Walk (Wednesday eve)
Wed 15 Sep @ 6.30pm
1 hour
Suitable for families
St. Andrew's Church

Sound walk, a meditative listening of the Groundmother story through a fragment of Epping Forest finishing at Shri Nathji Sanatan Hindu Temple. Meet at St Andrew Church, please bring your own headphones to enjoy this experience.

Also in your own time feel free to take a visit to walk from St Andrews through the ancient oak trees and become part of offerings at Shri Nathji Sanatan Hindu, E11 1NP

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Thank you to Nikki McClarron and Ale Tarraf for images and performances for film

This programme is produced by Fourthland

*Please note as this is a free ticketed event, we expect that some ticket holders may not attend. Due to this we will be welcoming walk ins at the beginning of each event. We encourage you to arrive at the start of the event even if an event states it is sold out.

Venue: St. Andrew’s Church