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Call to Holy Ground

‘Call to Holy Ground’, film screening, sound walk, performance and installation in St Andrew's Church Leytonstone, is a collaborative offering made with a group of 40 elders from St Andrew’s Church and Shri Nathji Sanatan Hindu Temple. During the festival a series of evening events will offer the wider community an experience to connect with and remember the sacred ecological particularly resonant in a time of climate uncertainty. To book free spaces onto these intimate events click on the squares at the bottom of this page.

Call to Holy Ground presents a rich symbolism through the invitation to journey into the story of the ‘Ground Mother’, a character embedded with gestures and connections across nature, culture and faith, gestures that call to a holy ground and connect us more deeply with the earth. For the artists and participants, ‘Call to Holy Ground’ is a remembrance that we are all connected. The work was made through a special collaboration with elders in Waltham Forest, many of whom have been living in the area for over 40 years, coming from a range of countries and representing a wonderful melting pot of local histories, faiths and culture. Originally commissioned by Art and Christianity (A+C). 

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Thank you to Nikki McClarron and Ale Tarraf for images and performances for film

This programme is produced by Fourthland and is for all ages.